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L'horoscope bijoux - The Shell Dealer

jewelry horoscope

Jewelry promoting astrological signs has been very present in recent years! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, piercings...they lit up the accessories windows.

Who has not gone in search of a jewel with their zodiac sign in the secret hope that it brings us luck?

The Shell Dealer offers another approach: choose your jewel according to your astrological sign ! Because yes, the approach of the brand is to see the jewel as a medicine and would cure our low morale.

Here is our prescription for your future outfits, to follow without moderation!

Ram :

Fire temperament, courageous, extroverted and intrepid, the necklace is your must-have. Necklaces in bright, pop colors, both plain and multi-coloured, you even dare to mix them, your style is assumed and unique! Earrings accompany you daily, sometimes even mismatched!

Doctor Shell Dealer prescribes the Color is the answer necklace associated with The Sunshine Dealer fuchsia and orange necklace.

Taurus :

Simplicity, gentleness, the need for security characterize you. Your element is earth, your color is blue. Pastel colors appeal to you, you mainly choose fine and discreet accessories. Bracelets are your best allies in your daily looks, you are very loyal to them and do not replace them easily!

The Shell Dealer doctor prescribes The Sunshine Dealer ocean blue & sand necklace as well as the pastel Poppers shell necklace in case of a relapse! He advises you to take the Color is the answer bracelet once a week.

Gemini :

Your lively, adaptable, whimsical temperament pushes you to think outside the box, to dare different looks and to accessorize them accordingly! Your passion for jewelery is well established: gold, silver, stones, shells, pearls, colours, pastels, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, piercings, your collection is unique!

The Shell Dealer doctor prescribes The Sunshine Dealer emerald and fuchsia sun medal necklace as well as the multi-coloured Poppers shell necklace to take every day ! He advises you to take The Sunshine dealer earrings 3 times a week to mix with any necklace.

Cancer :

In analogy with the moon, you are as comfortable with white as with black, this contrast attracts you and aligns with nostalgic temperament. In search of security, you follow trends to avoid missteps!
You have your favorite everyday jewels and gladly open the door to new collections to always stay at the forefront of sophistication!

Doctor Shell Dealer prescribes you without hesitation Gigi Hadid's favorite shell necklace, the black Poppers necklace. Pair it with mismatched triple hoop earrings or the Pearly Junky earring for a modern and elegant look.

Leo :

Like the animal, you are a leader! We envy your looks, we get inspired, we copy. You like pronounced necklaces, even if it means creating them yourself by accumulating several sizes, several styles. Your jewelry box is overflowing with gold and silver accessories, thin and thick pieces.
Earrings also have pride of place in your collection.

The Shell Dealer doctor prescribes the emerald and pastel pink Narcoshell shell necklace associated with the Euphoria earrings to be consumed without moderation.

Virgin :

Prioritize reflection over action, here is your mantra! Your fashion accessories are delicate but always very trendy. You mainly opt for timeless ones. Your Earth element leads you to prefer pastel or sober colors. Lovers of detail, your collection has a multitude of jewelry, mainly very refined.

Doctor Shell Dealer prescribes you the natural Poppers necklace every 2 days and the intake of The Sunshine Dealer necklace red and pale pink every day. In case of relapse, opt for the pastel and mint green Narcoshell shell necklace.

Balance :

Blue or red? Necklace or earring? Oh, wouldn't I add a matching phone trinket to my outfit? Your heart is like your sign, it swings! You have everything and its opposite, from single pearl earings to pairs of cowrie earrings, bracelets for both wrists and ankles, even your smartphone with its accessories... You are equipped for all circumstances, all your collection is a must-have!

The Shell Dealer doctor prescribes the dark red faceted shell necklace at night and the multicolor Poppers shell necklace for day use.


Identifiable by your insightful and observant side, you are precursors of trends! But beware, for you, you are opting for jewelry in rather dark colors, with assertive shapes in the image of your character.
Your looks are daring, you multiply the combinations of bracelets, necklaces and even rings, you never go out without your accessories!


Third sign of fire, you are a dynamic, daring, freedom-loving person, everything is possible for you! So we rush on colorful necklaces, the multitude of bracelets on the wrists. We assume ourselves and we go there on trendy accessories, summer and winter!


Thoughtful and indomitable, you make your own choices without being influenced by trends. You take the time to put together your looks, to ensure the relevance of such earrings or such necklace, generally on colors close to your earth element. Green, brown and black are the colors that catch your eye and define your style.


With your independent, surprising and contradictory temperament, none of your outfits are alike thanks to your overflowing one-piece wardrobe that can create endless different styles! All your timeless suits. Your accessories support your looks, from colourful, dark to pastel. Your jewelry box is full of treasures, but your must-have is the necklace, the centerpiece of your outfits!

Fish :

The name of your sign and your Water element leaves no doubt. Your favorite jewelry must have shells or pearls! Mauri shells, Murano pearls, whatever they are essential to your looks. Bohemian outfits are your trademark, we dare to mix things up, both in necklaces and in bracelets.

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