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Enfin des colliers pour les hommes ! | The Shell Dealer - The Shell Dealer

Finally necklaces for men! | The Shell Dealer

Break the codes. It's the media's favorite phrase every Fashion Week. For good reason, each year the collections and trends are more and more daring.

man necklace

Photographed by Jessica Ruscoe

Men's necklaces are becoming more democratic

On the jewelry side, there is obviously one that caught our attention, men's jewelry !

These accessories are becoming more democratic and prove that they are not exclusively reserved for the fairer sex.

The history of men's necklaces

Moreover, the precursors were the sailors with their gold earring. The legend says that this jewel had a virtue, that of guaranteeing them a good view to navigate.

Another category of sea enthusiast joins the trend of wearing men's accessories: surfers .

Cowrie shell necklace, pearl bracelet, fine cord or chain, sober or colorful, there are various combinations so that everyone can create their own style. It was a must-have in the 60s and 70s, for both men and women, these jewels perfectly resistant to seawater and above all bringing good luck.

Today, fashion brands are closing the accessory gap between men and women.

Men's necklaces on parades

Now we see models on the men's catwalks wearing finery, necklaces, bracelets, single ears... Olivier Rousteing has gone even further by creating a piece of jewelry that combines piercings and a chain necklace, we love it!

Gentlemen, accessorize your outfits! Your looks will only be better.

And if you are looking for a piece of jewelery with style, check out our new The Shell Dealer collection, our timeless pieces are waiting for you.

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