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The unique seashell jewelry brand that won over the biggest celebrities this year. Discover the world of The Shell Dealer and its daring shell necklaces.

Liven up your dull days with the vibrant hues of our jewelry and collection of timeless shell necklaces. Our expertise lies in creating premium shell necklaces, brightening up your winters and reviving your summer memories.

The Story of The Shell Dealer

Founded in March 2022 in Paris, The Shell Dealer is a French company that has quickly captured the hearts of jewelry lovers around the world. Our premium shell necklaces and eye-catching designs have captivated a wide audience. Company founder Roxane Peters was inspired by her travels to Brazil, Australia, Senegal and the Philippines to create bold jewelry that embodies cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Our passion for timeless and colorful designs

At The Shell Dealer, we believe in combining the classic with the bold. Our designs embody a deep love for timeless designs while celebrating the vibrancy of color. Each piece of jewelry is a unique fusion of tradition and modernity, reflecting our passion for individual expression through jewelry.

The excellence of our high-end shell necklaces

The Shell Dealer was founded on one mission: to offer the highest quality materials combined with atypical, bold and timeless designs. Our shell necklaces are the result of intensive research and careful selection of shells. Each shell is chosen for its perfection in terms of shape, size and color.

Our manufacturing process is meticulous, ensuring the creation of jewelry of exceptional quality. Each piece is crafted with passion, resulting in jewelry that embodies the essence of our commitment to excellence.