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Assortir le collier au bracelet ou les Bo aux colliers - The Shell Dealer

Match the necklace to the bracelet or the Bo to the necklaces

From generation to generation, we have at heart to pass on certain knowledge in order to help others to take the right directions.
For example, on the fashion side, you know that certain colors are made to get along and others are not, that if you put on a loose top you can assume a skirt or tight jeans and vice versa.

For make-up, let's dare to use bold lipsticks on the condition of being more sober on our eyes. Smokey eyes? Of course, do it! Accompanied by a powdery pink lipstick or a clear gloss, you know that you will do a flawless job!

And for the final touch, on the accessories side, what do we do? /// Of course, you probably also know how to properly accessorize your outfits, but just in case, The Shell Dealer gives you a little reminder to avoid fashion faux pas:

A centerpiece or nothing

Like your makeup and your outfit, you bet on a particular element, it is the same with your jewelry. Dare imposing earrings that enhance your face more and opt for a finer adornment to the neck, wrists and fingers.
Bring out the big game, a necklace as a centerpiece highlights your confidence, your audacity and if you want to play the accumulation, go for it! Be careful that they do not overlap in order to be clearly visible. Accompany your necklace with fine earrings, however, on the arm side do not hesitate to load your hands with rings or your wrists with bracelets. And yes, you will have to choose but we are sure that you will be able to make the right choice according to your outfit.

Complementary or similar colors, to be trendy or not to be

Point of vigilance to be trendy!
At the level of the face, we always match our metals: if we put on yellow gold earrings, the necklace will therefore be golden, we do not scatter with bronze or silver. This does not prevent you from being colorful, dare to mix warm colors with cold colors, dare a flashy necklace and pastel curls. If you have any doubts about an association, pair your favorite color with a neutral color, it remains timeless.

It is also interesting (and necessary!) to match your bracelets to your necklace, in order to have an outfit in perfect harmony.
This time you can change the rules, if your necklace is in yellow gold and your bracelets in silver it's ok! Try only to match the color, bright or pastel, it matches, or to be on a more neutral shade.
For your rings, you can make a jumble of metals but keep in major the similar one with your bracelet.

You will ask us, and the multicolored in all this?
This is obviously our favorite color!! No fashion misstep possible, if this is assumed you will only be trendy. In addition, because of its diversity, the multicolored blends with everything.

The shape of jewelry should not be left to chance

For a successful jewelry association, the shape is also to be taken into account.
First of all, for us, all the jewels are adapted to all morphologies, it depends above all on your tastes!
Jewels are not just accessories, they are proof that your outfits have style and character.

The idea for the shape of the jewelry is to stay consistent according to the theme or centerpiece you have chosen.
To give you an idea, if you opt for pearls, complete with other forms of accessories with shells, nautical knots, inks... Stylish mix & match guaranteed!

If your centerpiece has mainly rounded elements, continue your accessorizing in this direction!

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