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Le collier de coquillages, un accessoire universel et intemporel | The Shell Dealer - The Shell Dealer

The shell necklace, a universal and timeless accessory | The Shell Dealer

Beige, white, marbled, small or maxi, the shell and its variations know no limits. Its beautiful nuances attract the eye and force contemplation. Much more than a small object, it is a gift that nature gives to all of us without any discrimination. The shells are like a reminder of her beauty and power.

Did you know that for decades shells were more valuable than gold jewelry in some tribes of the world?

First used as currency, the shells were then invited into daily newspapers. Men and women wore them as a sign of wealth and prestige. A little as if they were saying “Look what the sea has given me! »

Seashells are worn boldly and confidently. We all knew someone in our childhood who only wore shell necklaces. She intrigued us. Thanks to her, those who did not travel could still see the world. They are beautiful, captivate attention and go through history. In the 1980s, a shell necklace made more than 100,000 years ago was discovered. An exceptional piece, which already respected color harmony codes.

What is all the more beautiful with shell necklaces is its simplicity and uniqueness. Anyone can make a shell necklace, but no one will ever have exactly the same result. And why ? Because nature takes its time to create each seashell.

The success of shell necklaces can also be explained by their symbolism. And if I told you to make or even buy a shell necklace for a loved one, you would think of the color of their eyes, their skin, their hair... Because of the versatility of colors, textures, sizes of these little gifts from the sea, the shell necklace is an intentional and timeless gift. Each necklace has its story and each shell is a memory.

If already 100,000 years ago we already offered shell necklaces, how can we doubt the timelessness of these necklaces. Shell necklaces go with everything and all body types and skin tones.

Nature does things well, doesn't it? I imagine the first man who saw shells for the first time, his wonder, his joy, his surprise and it reminds me of the emotions of a small child going to the beach for the first time. Shell necklaces transcend generations and eras. Metals, pearls and shells form a single necklace to embellish your outfits.

You can't go wrong wearing shell necklaces. The only risk you take by sporting one of our pieces is to attract attention. But we don't worry about anything, the star of the show is the shell necklace around your neck.

If you pick up a seashell and put it to your ear, you will hear the sea. If you put it to your chest, it will hear your heart.
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