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La Naissance de Vénus 2.0 - The Shell Dealer

The Birth of Venus 2.0

The Rebirth of Venus

A challenge that the founder of the jewelry brand The Shell Dealer decided to take up with the help of photographer Victor Boccard. Reinterpret the famous Botticelli painting in an updated version.

An opportunity to discover today's femininity

Contrary to the standards which were left to us by the time of Botticelli where the Venus is immaculate. Here it is a pop interpretation, however retaining the original natural aspect - an omnipresent flora, a freshness resulting from the graceful attitude of Venus.  

Style through the ages

The wardrobe starts from an equivocal homage to the “Ancient Roman” style, to move into a reflection of what today's fashion offers us, more daring, assumed.

The ornaments, at first glance, simple products of mother nature, function as a timeless and yet so modern link between our times. 

The spirit of the sea thus crosses the ages to be crystallized by The Shell Dealer into an assembly of mother-of-pearl pearls, a heritage that any modern woman can simply wear around her neck. 

Moreover, the re-reading of this painting is the metaphor that, like seashells, certain things like style are timeless. 

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